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The Alberta Strongman Association is a not-for-profit volunteer run society founded in 2016 by a board consisting of athletes and promoters of the sport of Strongman. The purpose of the ASA is to promote high standards among athletes and promoters while helping to grow the sport and bring it into the public eye.

The main goals of the ASA are:
  • To promote high quality Strongman events across the province of Alberta.
  • To build and maintain partnerships with sponsors, giving back through increased public interest and exposure.
  • To assist independent promoters in hosting and standardizing shows through financial and material support.
  • To construct and obtain high quality competition equipment to be used in shows across Alberta.
  • To search for the best Strongman competitors out there through qualification processes.
  • To help provide a route for talented athletes to pursue professional Strongman in western Canada.
  • To support the athletes, reducing the financial burden they face to compete.

We are always happy to welcome new potential partners or athletes to the sport of Strongman. If you like what you read and are interested, feel free to contact us.